2 maj 2016

Tiden räcker inte till!

Det är glest mellan inläggen här och jag har beslutat mig för att göra ett uppehåll med bloggen fram till hösten. Tiden räcker inte till!

Jag är helt enkelt tvungen att prioritera annat än börs och blogg en tid framöver, men hoppas vara tillbaka till hösten. Det kan dock dyka upp ett eller annat sporadiskt inlägg. Under tiden stänger jag av kommentarsfältet.

Jag önskar alla en trevlig sommar!

6 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Trevlig sommar du oxå! Jag ser farm emot att läsa din blogg i höst igen!

Signs sa...

En trevlig sommar till dig också, tack för alla bra blogginlägg.

finansmamman sa...

Hej och tack. Det dyker nog upp sporadiska inlägg under sommaren.

Anonym sa...

Tack för tipset om Mycronic. Nu en vecka senare +12%

Ha en skön sommar!

A.J. sa...

It is completely impossible to understand why Fingerprint Cards are being ignored by the various analysing-companies/persons such as Finansmammaen in their recommendations of good investment opportunities. Hence FPC - seen from abroad is delivering results that should be acknowledged and praised by anyone such as Finansmammaen, being the most fabulous well-managed and profitable fast growing succesful larger company in Sweden seen over many years. The present stock price is laughably low considered the amacing PE around 1o,2 compared to similar companies with a PE far beyond that of FPC. Taking into consideration the bright outlook, the share price should not be below 2oo S.Kr. - In my lifetime dealing internationally with common shares, I have never observed any promising company been so ruthless and shamelessly threathed as FPC alike, by the various analysers representing well known medias as followes :- Claes Hemberg - Peter Benson - Per Lindberg and others - notoriously serving cynical banks as ABG Sundall, Carnegie and various speculative blanking-hedgefond interest manipulating FPC stocks notoriously and continuesly. - And that remarkable suspiciously without any intervention by the state autorized FinansInspektionen at all. -
How these so called professionals behave towards Fingerprint Cards is shameless - nothing less, and they serve the public and the plain investor in the most scandalous way. I sincerely hope for Finansmammaen that you do not serve your customers in the same ugly way as the above mentioned analysers and banks. I expect FPC to be in the forefront within its branch for several years, being the most profitable Swedish Company within the same time frame and being the best investment possibility in the market - excluded of course emerging small promishing firms such as OptiFreeze and possibly Powercell - both Swedish.

Micke Ring sa...

Whaerfor praeter du englesk?